There are several factors that make the area around your eyes more vulnerable.

  • The skin around your eyes is extremely thin, so it is more susceptible to deterioration. As a result, it’s more prone to laxity, developing fine lines and wrinkles, becoming looser, and even thinner.
  • The tissue below the eyes is naturally missing a lot of essential elements that make your skin strong-there’s very little soft tissue, like fat or muscle. Lack of those supporting elements increases the likelihood of the skin caving in.
  • There is also the issue of dark circles and puffiness that can be a result of lack of sleep, diet and stress.

When it comes to restoring a youthful look, your eyes are your greatest opportunity. Whether it is wrinkles, hollowness, puffiness, or just fatigue, your eyes reveal ageing before any other part of your face.

As you age, your skin becomes thinner, especially around your eyes. You need collagen type Ill to combat this and Ampsyncol stimulates its production.

Annique’s Eye Therapy is a rich, nutritious eye cream, especially formulated for the minimising of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

Eye Therapy info sheet

Eye Therapy info sheet

Eye Therapy information sheet PDF

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