Liquid Skin Nutrition Mineral Spray Q & A

Liquid Skin Nutrition Mineral Spray Q & A

This product is completely unique in the Annique and facefacts range and here are some frequently asked questions answered.

Q: What is Liquid Skin Nutrition (LSN)?

A: A vitamin and mineral enriched spray for your skin. It helps skin cells to utilise nutrients better and cleanses pores deep down to prevent spots, pimples, blemishes, blackheads and white heads.

Q: What results can I expect from using LSN?

A: A clear, healthy, beautiful skin. LSN will help clear up problem skin and bring new life to normal and dry skin types.

Q: Why is the LSN in a spray formula?

A: Spraying it onto the face and other areas is quick, easy and convenient. It also allows you to apply it over your make-up throughout the day.

Q: Why do I need to use LSN?

A: To preserve your beautiful young skin, to improve the general health of your skin and to help clear up problem skin.

Q: I take essential vitamins and mineral capsules daily. Why do I still need to apply LSN on my skin?

A: The skin is the biggest organ of the body. It receives vitamins and minerals last after all the other organs have received their share. This means that if your other organs need these vitamins and minerals, the skin might not receive enough to support its functions. Spraying vitamins and minerals directly onto the skin allows it to get these directly.

Q: I use the normal Annique skin care range. Can I use the LSN in conjunction with this range?

A: Absolutely! The LSN will add boosting vitamins and minerals that your normal Annique skincare products won’t. These nutrients will improve the working of your other Annique products.

Q: Can I replace my Lucid, Hydrafine or Synergy Freshener with LSN?

A: No. The Fresheners are used to balance the pH of the skin after cleansing and to close the pores after all products have been applied. You can apply the LSN after your normal Annique creams, just before the Freshener.

Q: What is the difference between the a normal Freshener and LSN?

A: LSN is spray vitamins and minerals for your skin. Fresheners regulate the skin’s pH that keeps the skin’s immune system intact. This prevents skin problems, ageing and other skin ailments.

Q: Why is there no pH balancing product in the Face Facts range?

A: All the products in the Face Facts range are pH balanced and will not disturb the delicate pH of the skin.

Q: Does LSN replace any product in my normal skin care routine?

A: No. LSN is a completely new and different product to any other products in the Annique and Face Facts ranges. It will enhance the working of all your other nourishing and revitalising creams.

Q: Why is LSN also beneficial for mature skin?

A: As the skin matures, it loses its ability to function optimally. The skin also becomes thinner, damages easier and its ability to heal itself diminishes. The vitamins and minerals in LSN will be absorbed by mature skin and allow the skin cell to function better, creating an improved appearance in the skin.