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Rooibos Facials

Experience a relaxing and calming Rooibos herbal facial with Annique Rooibos products. The spa facial treatment with rooibos products, which contains the miracle rooibos herb, with anti-allergic and anti-ageing qualities.  Annique products are suitable for the most sensitive skins. Book your Annique Rooibos facial now at the link below.

The Beauty Specialist

Petro Prinsloo is a highly qualified beautician with more than 20 years experience and also trained as a lecturer in beauty technology. With ample experience in facials, microdermabrasion, manicures, pedicures and many more she will be able to provide you with specialist care and advice to suit your needs.

The Beauty Specialist is located in the Northern suburbs of Perth, Clarkson and you can book your appointment online.

Find out more about the available treatements on The Beauty Specialist website.

Petro Prinsloo
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