LUCID for Dry Skin

Lucid is the daily skin care range for dry, dehydrated and mature skin types. Lucid includes an innovative and sophisticated active ingredient, named AquaVital. This ingredient is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types and is 100% natural and is plant derived. It has been scientifically formulated as an advanced moisture regulator that acts as a moisture reservoir in the skin.

Lucid Products

My skin looks & feels amazing!

Annique’s Lucid Range helped me with my skin problem. I suffered from teenage acne that for some reason would just not go away. I used many facial products but they all either made it worse, dried out my skin or made my skin feel and look too oily.

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I often used to hear people talking about the amazing, number one selling moisturiser, Lucid Moisturiser for Dry Skin. It was then that I decided I would try it and see what effect it would have on my skin. I started by purchasing the Lucid Moisturiser for Dry Skin. After using it for a week I truly understood just why it was a bestseller. My skin definitely looked better and smoother. After using it for a month, I absolutely loved what it had done for my skin. I decided to buy the whole Lucid Range, which included the Lucid Calming Cleansing Crème, Lucid Hydrastore Freshener, Lucid Moisturiser for Dry Skin (day cream) and Lucid Optimal Night Renewal (night cream), the best decision that I have ever made. Today my skin looks amazing, feels amazing and it is all thanks to the amazing Lucid range! Rayno Snyman.

Did you know?

Dry, dehydrated and mature skin requires extra care to restore and retain the skin’s moisture content. In the natural ageing process, the skin dramatically loses its moisture content and elasticity.

Our Rooibos Products

Annique’s unique products is that it contains extracts of Rooibos tea, which has been a trusted and scientifically proven remedy over the past few decades. Our products are natural and not tested on animals.

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