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Rooibos herb can help you relax

A balancing and calming Rooibos mist You can instantly transform your mood with a burst of calming aroma that contains soothing Rooibos and a blend of relaxing essential oils to help reduce anxiety and apprehension. You can use this aromatic mist to regain your...

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Moisturiser Myths Busted

We all know that a crucial part of any skin care routine is using an effective moisturiser – your number one ally to beautiful skin! Moisturiser Myths Busted There are many misconceptions about what type of moisturiser to use, and how to use it. We are busting some of...

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Two kinds of UV rays

Summer is officially here and with it comes lots of time spent outside doing fun family activities. But with summer fun and games comes something we should all be aware of and take precaution against – the sun and the damage it can do to your skin. Rooibos to the...

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Drink Rooibos tea for colds and flu

Some of us are hit hard with the nasties every winter, while others, probably those of you who drink a lot of Rooibos tea, get through winter without as much as a sniffle. A healthy immune system is built over time. It is the result of a healthy lifestyle and a...

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Rose rooibos tea drink

Make this delicious recipe of Rooibos Tea with Roses!500ml (2 cups) of Rooibos Tea, sweetened with 30ml (2tbsp) honey and cooled.Grind and juice of one Orange500ml (2 cups) of Sodawater60ml (1/4 cup) of CampariCrushed ice about a handfulRose petals washedPrepare the...

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Our Rooibos Products

Annique’s unique products is that it contains extracts of Rooibos tea, which has been a trusted and scientifically proven remedy over the past few decades. Our products are natural and not tested on animals.

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